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Over the last decade, our continent’s economic growth has unlocked new investment opportunities, as many nations has become more integrated with global capital markets. Serbant Bank offers you the opportunity to invest in funds that traditionally have been only available to large companies. We offer more resilient and stable investment fund solutions, because our footprint across more than 4 continent, allows us to spread risk better than our competitors.

Fixed Income Fund

This is an open-ended investment fund that provides you and your family with an above average income stream over a medium to long-term period, by investing in a portfolio of high quality bond securities and money market instruments.

Money Market Fund

This is an open-ended investment fund that provides an above average current income stream over a short period, by investing its assets in low risk, eligible, money market securities.

Our clients say

"When we needed financial assistance to expand our clinic, we went directly to serbanty Bank. Securing financing helped us renovate and expand our East Beach Street clinic in downtown Watsonville, and provide care to 10,000 additional patients. We have been banking here for many years. We highly recommend our bank to other businesses looking to partner with serbant bank that understands the needs of the community."
Hilary Leigh
"Banking at its best is online and personal. With Serbant Bank we have both. Our new expansion on the Santa Cruz Wharf is one example of how our growing business is fully supported because of where we choose to put our money."
Hall Read
"Without the support and expertise of our local bank, we could not have grown as quickly as desired. Our local bank knows our business and always responds to meet our needs."
Quintin Angus
business owner
"Our 4th generation wholesale nursery business secured financing through Serbant Bank to purchase our property, along with a line of credit to help with seasonal cash flow. It was a breath of fresh air to find a bank that listened to our needs and delivered. Thank you for making our banking so effortless!"
Jillie Tempest
business owner

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It is very easy to make investments on this site. They have different payment gateways that are secured and easy to use. I have also earned from their referal program. I upgraded my investment account to Delux and it has been fun with lots of features added to my account. One thing i must say is you don't need money to start making money from this site. Thanks
John Hamito
investor & banker
I decided to Invest some dollars hoping i will get my profit as stated on the website. The interesting part is when i saw my money growing. I picked the Delux Weekly Plan. And i was just surprised. This is to real to be true. serbantbank is a real deal
Jenifer Ortega
investor & customer